History of our business

The Birth

In 1995 Mark Plaetevoet, een geboren en getogen Middelkerkenaar, took over the bankrupt Verdonck and started with 'The Pistache'.
In the first years thing didn't go so well, there was a lot of competition and the bad reputation of the previous owners was hard to get rid of. But now, many years later The Pistache has grown to a very respected business in Westende.
During the winter months, when the sea-side toerism is low, we events so we can keep on building on our innovative karakter. We are very proud to present our new products to our costumers evry year and get a lot of great responces.

De Redecoration

The buseniss was fully redecorated in may 2005, this was a succes story from the first day we were open again. Evrybody just loved the new interior and the modern decoration. Some pictures of what went on during the constructions are available below.